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The material specifications given below are for the product numbers beginning with NF.

Wood material pine

The wood material has been treated with alkyd/acrylate based glaze reinforced with UV absorbent which guarantees maximum resistance against weather and wind. The wood material is impregnated once with TEKNOL AQUA 1410-01 which penetrates about 3 mm into the wood. It is then treated (rinse painted) with primer/colouration GORI 615 (brown ”pine 5078”, green ”green 5079”, teak red ”teak 5080”), 5 μm, and once with varnish Gori 660 OAK 5097, 275 μm, at our painting facility. This treatment gives complete colour saturation which results in the best possible quality.


All painted surfaces that are exposed to weather require maintenance at some point in time. When exactly maintenance painting is needed depends on the type of construction, how severe the weather impact is and in which direction the product is positioned. Moisture is the cause of most of the damage done to wooden surfaces. It is important that the wood is dry before damage is repaired or surfaces repainted. When painting, the moisture content of the wood must not exceed 20 %. During painting and drying, the temperature of the air, surface and paint should be over +5°C and the relative humidity of the air should be less than 80 %.


All loose and cracked paint must be scraped off mechanically and loose dirt and dust must be removed from other areas. Any porous wood must be removed, for instance, by sanding. Painted surfaces must be washed with paint cleaner, mouldy parts with mildew remover and the surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed with water.

Maintenance painting

Pretreated surfaces are painted with touch-up paint of the desired colour. Touch-up paint can be bought from Lappset.

Linax surface treatment

Linax surface treatment (Royal treatment) means pine that has been pressure impregnated with a copper-based product and then vacuum-boiled in process oil (linseed oil). This gives a wood product with excellent dimensional stability which means there is less risk of cracking than would be the case with untreated or impregnated wood. Over time, Linax-treated furniture will acquire a weathered grey tone and the oil in the outermost layer will gradually be worn away. If you like the weathered grey surface, it is not necessary to oil the furniture until 6-12 years have passed, depending in the climate conditions. Carex Linolja Naturell should be used for maintenance. It is important that the wood has been cleaned and is dry (maximum 20% moisture quota) before it is treated with the oil. Any resin must be scraped off with a sharp knife. Linax-treated furniture are only intended for outdoor use and for use above ground.

Wood material Jatoba (hardwood)

When delivered, this wood has been treated with a wood oil based on linseed oil. To protect the wood from moisture, rot, cracking and discolouration, we recommend that the wood is oiled in every autumn and spring with a wood oil based on linseed oil. Before treating the wood, it must be cleaned by washing or brushing. It is important that all surfaces, especially end surfaces, are treated. Hardwood that has greyed can be restored so it regains most of its original appearance by being sanded with fine sandpaper/sanding sponge and then being oiled in. Cracking can be counteracted through treatment with oil but cannot be completely eliminated. Wood oil for the maintenance of Jatoba wood can be bought from Lappset.


The steel has been EPD varnished and powder-coated for high rot protection and does not need any specific maintenance, only normal cleaning. If the varnish gets damaged, the area should be treated for rot protection as soon as possible and then top-coated with a lacquer paint, preferably a 2-component lacquer to prevent rust.

Other information

Hinge joints and locks on litter bins and ashtrays should be oiled in once a year to prevent noise and rust and bolts may need to be tightened on the wooden components of sofas, chairs, benches and tables.