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Bienvenue dans le monde du jeu et du sport!

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Découvrez toutes les gammes de produits Lappset pour des aires de jeux uniques et originales pour enfants. Des jeux d'extérieur et indoor pour tous les goûts !

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Découvrez les gammes d'équipements sportifs Lappset pour les aménagements fitness parkour cross training et parcours de santé. Pour des aménagements sportifs en accès libre de qualité et inclusifs.

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Mobilier urbain

Découvrez les mobiliers urbains Lappset. De nombreux mobiliers urbains de qualité pour aménager intelligemment les espaces publics, parcs et collectivités !

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The growing number of our ageing population deserve fun and functional outdoor spaces! 👵👴 Senior Sport products have been designed to promote the healthy lifestyle of the elderly. Lappset senior benches with age-friendly dimensions and armrests offer a place to sit down while being outdoors, and a garden swing Oasis with a ramp and a break is suitable for safe swinging. #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #lappsetseniorsport #inclusivedesign #outdoorspaces #landscapedesign
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Pupuhuhdan, Tammirinteen ja Lutakon sataman toimintapuistot Jyväskylässä ottivat digiloikan, kun niihin hankittiin peräti neljä interaktiivista leikki- ja liikuntavälinettä. Tutustu puistoihin ja asiakkaan kommentteihin! Linkki biossa⏫ 🌟🌳🤸‍♀️ English: New interactive playgrounds have been installed in Finland. Check your local distributor at⏪ #playgroundinspiration #interactiveplay #yalpinteractive
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An adventure in the backyard awaits! 🌟🌙 The best way to learn about the starry skies and the laws of physics is by playful experimentation in the Play Planetarium. Comfortable seating, for example, modern Chillout seats, and conveniently placed litter bins complete the picture. #lappset50 #50yearsofplay
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We prodly present LAPPSET TAG – SIMPLE AND FUN! 😊👏   Lappset TAG respects the traditional rules of tag but sets the players in an intriguing and challenging surroundings of parkour equipment. At its simplest, the TAG is about one player trying to catch others. When a catcher catches someone, the caught person becomes a new catcher. Lappset TAG brings the traditional game into an exciting and inspiring arena of obstacles! 😄🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️   #lappset #tag #yardgames #play #sports #design #landscapedesign
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Let’s go my friend, to the forest in the city, where adventures wait and where live the enchanting fairies and goblins so witty. They live in small cottages or in high magic towers, surrounded by big trees and colorful flowers. Their favorite game is to play hide and seek or in different adventure trails they like to compete. So let’s go my friend, to the forest so unique and play. with goblins and fairies we will have the most memorable day. Why not bring some nature to urban environments? 🍀 The nature inspired design of Flora playground equipment allows you to play in an exciting forest even in a city! 😊 #natureplay #lappset #design #landscapedesign #playgrounds #play #environments
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We at Lappset want to be innovative forerunners in playground and outdoor sports equipment industry. Therefore we are always looking towards the future and researching how global megatrends, such like urbanization and digitalization are evolving and how these trends will affect the world of play, experience and exercise. Join us on Wednesday 11 November at 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EET in a webinar of how global trends affect the needs we set to our local environments and how to design outdoor areas to support this change. Link in bio! Keynote speaker: Lead Trends Consultant, Richard Cope, Mintel Parkour professional: Perttu ”Spidey” Pihlaja, Parkour Academy. #lappset #webinar #megatrends #futureenvironments #worldofplayandsport #landscapedesign #design #architecture
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☀️ Yellow brings the sun, 🍀 green adds creativity, 💦 blue calms the mind, ⚙️ gray symbolizes timelessness. What colors would you like to see in the surroundings where you spend your time in? Whether you choose the down to earth, calm tones or cheerful, bright colors, with Lappset SoftBlock elements you can add the final touch to different environments like parks, school yards or residential areas. Difficulties in choosing the colors? Let our experts help you! 😊🎨 #environments #lappset #design #publicareas #schoolyard #parkfurniture #softblock #colors #landscapedesign
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🌎💭📣 Webinar: How global trends affect the needs we set to our local communities and how to design outdoor areas to support this change? This webinar presents a vision of what the market for play, experience and exercise will look like across Western Europe and North America in 2030. We will explore the challenges posed by obesity, urbanisation and increasingly digital lifestyles and the early signal solutions we’re seeing by way of a response. Wed, Nov 11th, 2020 4:00-5:00 PM EEST Read more and register now, link in bio!🔝 #webinar #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #megatrends #landscapedesign
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We think it’s essential to build inclusive outdoor areas for schools, preschools and kindergartens that encourage children to be active, healthy, play and have fun!🤸‍♂️ The Fairy Circus is a beautiful and inclusive nature play product which offers a nice climbing challenge, as well as a hammock type lounging area on any schoolyard or park!🍀 #lappset #natureplay #climbing #lappsetplay
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