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Bienvenue dans le monde du jeu et du sport!

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Découvrez toutes les gammes de produits Lappset pour des aires de jeux uniques et originales pour enfants. Des jeux d'extérieur et indoor pour tous les goûts !

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Sport Fitness Parkour

Découvrez les gammes d'équipements sportifs Lappset pour les aménagements fitness parkour cross training et parcours de santé. Pour des aménagements sportifs en accès libre de qualité et inclusifs.

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Mobilier urbain

Découvrez les mobiliers urbains Lappset. De nombreux mobiliers urbains de qualité pour aménager intelligemment les espaces publics, parcs et collectivités !

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Have you ever thought how themed playground could enhance your business? Here’s an example of an indoor playground in a shopping mall restaurant. Read more from bio and see the testimonial story 💫 #lappset #lappsetgroup #indoorplayground #themedplayground #isokristiina #daddysdiner #bellaroma
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Do you remember how a playhouse looked when you were a child? Some of you might remember playing a role of a shopkeeper or a cook, while others embraced their role as customers. Toys for your theme plays you got from nature, for instance, rocks were money, pine cones were food etc. Lappset’s Shop served as a stage for role and theme plays in the 1970s. Today children can play these same role plays, for instance, in the cute Flora Troll Village huts. 🍀😊 #tbt #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #lappset #flora
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Ranua Zoo in Finnish Lapland is one of the northernmost wildlife parks in Europe hosting 50 animal species of the northern latitudes like polar bears and other arctic animals. Their newest family attraction, the Tiger Park and the Farm, opened on 15 june 2020, designed, furnished and installed by Lappset. 🐯🍀 Read more from the link in bio!🐅 #lappset #lappsetplaygrounds #playground #ranuazoo
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Did you know that tomorrow is International Picnic Day?😊 So surprise your friends or family members by taking them on a picnic to a playground. 🧁🍇🥐 This way you can also take part in our 50th anniversary challenge and you can actually tick two tasks from the playful challenge list. ✅🤗 You can share pictures to delight other Picnic Day participants by using the hashtags #lappsetchallenge #lappset50 and #lappsethaaste. Download the challenge from 🍀 #lappset #challenge #anniversary #picnic #moominplaybylappset
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Our 50th anniversary challenge provides many fun tasks for warm summer days.🌞🌸 One of the tasks is to take your friend or relative’s child to a playground with you!🤗 In addition to swinging, sliding and climbing, you can teach a child your favourite childhood game. Playground is also a great place for reading books. 😊🍀 Download the challenge from our website! You can share your photos and videos using hashtags #lappsetchallenge #lappset50 #lappsethaaste
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Do you have a space where you would like to have something new and modern? Lappset's new SoftBlock products can be used as design elements in various environments, both indoors and outdoors. For example, with unique 3D SoftBlocks you can build benches, tables, walls, room dividers and use them as design elements. Play with wide range of colors! 😊👏 #lappset #design #softblock #environments #architecture #playground #outoorsports #parks #parkandstreet #furniture
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